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What is it that the GPS System for Money™ does? What is it all about?

In life we all share, for the most part, the same wants and needs:

1. We all want to pay off our mortgages
2. We all want to get out of debt
3. We all want to retire in comfort
4. We all want our children to have a good post-secondary education
5. We all want to make sure that our family is taken care of in the case of premature death.
6. We all want to be financially secure enough to be able to take time of work to grieve the loss of a loved one should they decease prematurely.
7. We all want to make sure that we can afford to live comfortably when we reach our elderly state and not be dependent upon whatever the government affords us.
8. We all want to be assured that in the unfortunate event that we, or one of our loved ones, fall ill for an extended period of time that we will be able to take time off work to spend with them without the fear of losing our house and/or our life savings.

The GPS System for Money™ facilitates a means to afford the above. It will find money through interest savings that was otherwise going to the banks and credit companies; free up cash from excess taxes that was otherwise going to the government; pay off your mortgage years sooner and for your future, it will assure a secured income for your retirement years that will not be negatively impacted by constant market volatility!

Other financial professionals and institutions will attempt to sell you what you need for the above needed items and leave the question of how you’re going to afford them up to you. The GPS System for Money™ will not only address the things you need, it will show you ways to pay for it without an increase in your monthly expenses! In fact, you will likely spend less money each month than what you are currently spending!

Grow an individual’s assets.

Protect them, their family, their money, and their estate.

Save them excess interest, taxes and time.

Built into the process are multiple calculators working together to bring about Guaranteed Results. Some of the calculators include: income tax savings, interest savings and future guaranteed retirement (pension-like) income, to name only a few. None of the calculators use any assumptions, illustrations, projections, estimates, or variables – methods, which are found in most, if not all, conventional financial planning processes and will compromise the integrity of an individual’s financial well-being. The GPS System for Money™ is driven only by known time frames, known facts and known figures, thus providing Guaranteed Results.

An individual’s financial Journey is a mosaic of many factors and consideration of all those factors must be looked at with a holistic view… as a mosaic. The GPS System for Money™ does just that and does so with proven fundamentals of basic math and utilizing solid, sound and secure institutions though the many company affiliations. The results WILL bring about a change in thought once math determines there is an over-all benefit that takes one’s financial Journey to a better level.

Most importantly, the GPS System for Money™ provides protection against an individual self-destructing, as it does not offer temporary, band-aid solutions. An individual’s financial Journey WILL be improved and it will not take many years to do so. Results will be evident within a few short months….GUARANTEED!

To take the first step towards giving your financial Journey a renewed direction simply click here to visit the GPS System For Money™ Calculator.

About the Founder of the GPS System For Money
Jeffery Willis, Founder of the GPS System For Money Jeffery Willis is the Founder and CEO of GPS System for Money™. Throughout his career of over 2 decades he has earned many accolades such as Rookie of the Year, Top advisor in many National firms and has coached many other financial professionals on how to be the advisor their clients need them to be. Be it an interest in Market investments, Hard asset investments, Insurance, or Mortgages he aides you to Grow, Protect and Save your money.

Always thinking beyond the box, Jeff Willis has never hesitated to speak his mind. Popularly known as a maverick amongst the team, Jeff has carved his path through the financial aide ladder; despite the obstacles he has faced for his genuine and frank advice. As a testimony to his experience Jeff has developed a three tier enterprise that can be broken down into distinct categories; Well-rounded and straight forward financial planning tool – the GPS System for Money™, Real Estate investing, mortgage and construction services, lastly Coaching Services available to other financial professionals looking to become top performers amongst their competitors.

“Every individual's financial Journey is uniquely different and can never have a common solution. Contact us today to set an even better path for your financial journey through unbiased and straight to the point, counsel.”


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